Labor & Employment Law - Hawaii
Managing HR In The New Era 

June 24th & 25th, 2020

Streamed Live On ZOOM
Honolulu, HI






A prominent  Philosopher, commenting on societal change, once  quipped"There is nothing more constant than change." Not a very eloquent observation, but for today's situation, it's an accurate measure of what HR Professionals and Hawaii Employers will face in the months and years ahead.  So it goes with this conference which, for years, with different agendas, has been presented as a one-day conference in the Waikiki Ballroom at The Hale Koa Hotel.

This Year, for the comfort & safety of our audience, it will be live-streamed to You on ZOOM in two 4-Session morning-agendas on the dates shown above.  Like our past conferences, we have  assembled an impressive faculty of up to 8 eminently-qualified and accomplished Hawaii Attorneys to present the 2 comprehensive agendas.

Day 1 of the conference begins with a discussion of the impact on Hawaii employers of recent new or amended national & state employment & labor laws plus legal trends & hot issues for 2020 & beyond.

In following Sessions 2, we narrow our focus to discussions of what work will be like in the Covid 19 era, specifically what employers can & can't do or require and then moves on to clarify FFCRA, specifically with regard to Leaves, Furloughs, Layoffs and Recalls

We'll complete Day 1 with  a  session led by one of Hawaii's top employment & labor law attorneys, speaking on potential liabilities of remote working arrangements and protections employers can put in place to limit their exposure to litigation.

Day 2  begins with an examination of the real possibility of a surge in unionization as employee loyalty fades, including tools and strategies employers can use to counter union organizing activites. In the following Session 2 we explore 3  employment law suits, why they landed up in court & how the courts' decisions may impact  Hawaii employers.

In the following session on Employee Handbooks, we'll examine key essential changes which will redefine the concept of Employment in the Covid 19 era..

We'll complete Day2 and the conference on a high note as a seasoned litigator outlines what Hawaii employers will need to mount a viable defense against  a Covid 19-related employee lawsuit.   

Eight information-packed sessions, with a volume of information and legal opinion to guide you through the challenges HR Managers will face in The New Era

You’ll learn this and more…

The impact on Hawaii employers of new  or amended National & state legislation & thei impact on Hawaii employersr
check What Hawaii employerss can & cant do or require
check A clarification of  what FFCRA says about furloughs, leaves, layoffs & Recalls
Changes that will rewrite the meaning of  Employment
check How to legally resist union organizing activites
What Hawaii employers will need for a viable defense against covid 19 - related employee law suits

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Your Agenda & Hawaii-Based Faculty

Morning 1 – June 24th, 2020 - 8:15am – 12:30pm

Session #1 – 8:15am – 9:15am
“Labor & Employment Law Update - A Review and Analysis of New National & State Legislation, Recent  Changes in the Laws, Plus  Litigation Trends & Hot Issues For The Covid 19 Era"

Sarah O. Wang, Esq., Partner
Marr Jones & Wang  – Honolulu, HI

Session #2 – 9:20am – 10:20am
“Covid 19 & Work: What Hawaii Employers Can & Can't Do Or Require"

Anna Elento-Sneed Esq., President
ES&A  Law, Inc. - A Law Corporation – Honolulu, HI

Session #3 – 10:25pm – 11:25am
“FFCRA Clarified: What The Law Says About Furloughs, Leaves, Layoffs & Recalls" 

Trisha C. Gibo, Esq., Director
ES&A  Law, Inc. - A Law Corporation – Honolulu, HI

Session #4 – 11:20pm – 12:30pm
“Potential Liabilities & Protections In Remote Working  Arrangements"

Melissa H. Lambert, Esq., Partner
Carlsmith Ball, LLP

Honolulu, HI

Morning 2 - June 25th, 2020 - 8:15am - 12:30pm

Session #1 – 8:15am – 9:15am
"The Coming Surge In Union Organizing ActivityAs Employee Loyalty Wanes: Tools & Strategies For Hawaii Employers"
Dick Mosher, Esq., Partner
Dentons USA
Honolulu, HI

Session # 2 – 9:20am – 10:20am
“The Anatomy Of Recent Employee Law Suits In Hawaii & How The Court's Decisions May Impact Hawaii Employers"
Melissa H. Lambert, Esq., Partner &
Lindsay N. McAneeley, Esq, Partner
Carlsmith Ball, LLP

Honolulu, HI

Session # 3 – 10:25am – 11:25am
“Employee Handbooks: Essential Changes Which Will Redefine Employment In The New Era
William Lee, Esq.,
Employment Counsel
Hawaiian Airlines
Honolulu, HI

Session # 4 – 11:30am – 12:30pm
"Defending Covid 19 - Related Employee Law Suits: What Hawaii Employers Will Need To Mount A Viable Defense"

John S. Mackey, Esq., Partner -
Goodspll Anderson Quinn & Stifel
Honolulu, HI

Attendees Earn SHRM CP or SCP Recertification PDCs & Upon Approval - HRCI General Recertification Credits Hours: 1-Day Attendees Earn up to 4.0 PDCs/Credit Hours; 2-day Attendees Earn up to 8.0/  SHRM Recertification PDCs/HRCI General Recertification Credit Hours